Because why not? 😁

My HF radio, Icom IC-7300 (EU version) can, according to the product brochure, receive continuously from 0.030–74.800 MHz, but when you get it from factory, it can transmit only on HAM bands listen in table below.

Stock RX + TX capabilities of Icom IC-7300.

Since the CB (citizen band) lives around 27Mhz, I was wondering if you can transmit even on CB bands. With some googling and youtube search I have quickly found out that there is a way, but you need some soldering/desoldering skills od fine SMD electronic components.

How I did it

I made a video of myself doing the mod in case I screwed it up, other people could laugh. And secondly, somebody might find it informative, even my video production qualities are not top-notch.

  • My IC-7300 is EU version with firmware 1.41.

  • Some tutorials/videos describe removing two diodes, but only I needed to remove only the one diode in my case.

  • It can even be done without desoldering, but that’s more of a butcher’s job in my opinion 😁 so I selected the “clean” way because I have the necessary tools.

Disclaimer as always: If you damage your radio doing this mod, it’s your problem.

I am not author of the mod, this is just my take using the knowledge I gained on the internet. Video and blog links that I have used for gaining knowledge are attached here: